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5th Wheels
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Why place an ad with RV Salesmen.com?

We list your RV on dozens of RV related Classified web sites AND searchable on over 200 additional classified sites today.

5th Wheels, Travel Trailers and Toyhaulers

Your ad is placed in the largest search display on the internet for RV's for sale. When a buyer does a "GENERAL SEARCH" or a search in your area your RV for sale will be there!
Many big classified sites display your ad in YOUR area ONLY now potentially missing your buyer! Were RVers we LIKE to travel!!!
With RVSalesmen.com you can have homepage display advantage on the Class Specific and General RV sites we list on.

With RVSalesmen.com you get a dedicated "Ad Listing Specialist" who works with you on building the ad listing for the internet. We can add general spec's for most 5th wheels within your ad so people who are looking at your RV can see what features and specifications your RV has.

Pictures and Videos help sell it

Your Ad Listing Specialist will enhance your photos to fit the different web sites making them looking there best on each ad display.

Price changes

When a seller wants to change the price on their ad all you have to do is send a quick email an your Ad Listing Specialist will handle the price change for you.

Dealer Ads

We do have an RV Dealer program available for RV Dealers. We do not accept data imports of any kind from any DMS system. Ads are in a bulk of 10 ads that run for up to 6 months on all listed sites. We don't charge you 100's every month like the others do!!! Your RV Dealership DOES NOT need a Dealer Account with any of these sites.

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