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How Best To Sell Your RV on the Internet

Private Sellers
Other private sellers are in the same boat as you. They are not your competition infact we have seen other for sale by owners help people sell their RV for them. It is always good to have a network of people who are in the same position as you.

RV Dealer Sales People
This IS your competition!!! They are looking to take as many buyers off the market as they can. They have a lot of selling tools you don't have. Countless times I've seen an heard "I don't need help selling my Motorhome" Let me give you a little insight, EVEN a professional RV Sales Person at an RV Dealership will use another Sales Person to help close a deal. It is called a T/O or "Take Over" who has years of experience selling and closing an RV sale. They will use one of the staff to make you think there is another potential buyer looking at the same RV. If this Sales Person can not get the people to commit they will bring in a professional closer who has sold 100's of them.

RV Dealer Closers
They have heard it all an know how to get around the buyers. These people smell money! They are Professionals at getting your money to buy that RV. I have met some really nice ones an I've met some real pushy ones. Both have the same objective an that was get it sold.

Final Thoughts
When you bought your RV did the CEO or Owner of the RV Dealership sell you the RV? This is what you are as the owner of the mRV. You need to think of yourself as a mini RV Dealer. You are the Owner, Detailing, Marketing, Salesperson, Closer, Sales Manager, F & I, Delivery all in one.
Still think you can sell it on your own? You know what you paid for the Motorhome do you know what the Dealership mark up from the Manufacturer was?

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