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How Best To Describe Your RV on the Internet

Writing A Description
When writing your description just write about your RV. What you liked about it, the features you liked an what attracted you to buy this RV. Your Goal is to get them interested in this Motorhome. Give some Manufacturer specs in your description leave unimportant ones out.

When someone clicks into your ad you have less then 15 seconds to capture them. Putting a big long description with every detail of the RV does one thing for a potential buyer, It gives them no reason to contact you.

Do not write about your personal life here. People will write selling due to health an a number of other personal reasons. This opens up a Pandora's box for them. There are Sharks and Scammers looking for just these types of ads. Stay focused on what you are looking to accomplish attract the buyer. Your not Grandma or Grandpa, Mom an Dad, or Uncle Bob an Aunt Jane to these people. 99% of the time you will not hear from these people again. Your not here to make friends You ARE Joe RVSalesmen with an RV to get sold...

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