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How Best To Protect Your RV on the Internet

Be aware that there is many scams on the internet in the RV Industry. There is big money selling a motorhome an these scammers will do everything they can to get your money away from you. I will be adding a ton of different known past scams in the future right here. For now let me provide you with a great article to read. How to Avoid Online RV Buyer and Seller Scams

Have you had calls since you listed your Motorhome for sale on the internet wanting you to signup with their service? These are "Sharks" They are call centers who scan the internet looking for you to sell you a wonderful package that's going to help you sell your Motorhome really quick! They will even tell you they have a buyer already just give them your credit card number to sign up with them. They will promise you the world as long as your willing to pay them for it. In the last 5 years there are 7 call centers like this an more showing up all the time. Do not sign up with them until you DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! They have really good "Carnies" Carnival Con Men who will get you to step right up an give them your money.

Horse Traders
These people scan the RV internet market looking for prey. Lost a spouse, Selling due to health, any number of personal reasons they think they can beat you down on the price. They LOVE when you put you have a clean title! Cause THEY have CASH and a BUYERS AGREEMENT IN HAND! THEY ARE SLICK! I've watched them in action.
They are serious horse traders who will get you down far below your bottom line price. They read every word you tell them. They prey on it! They watch how long you have had it out on Craigslist or another RV site in their area. I have personally watched a professional RV Horse Trader buy a 50,000 motorhome for less then 25,000.00 an the seller let it go. Their RV was out on the internet for sale the next day for 45,000.00 or best offer. The new seller can drop the price 5,000.00 an make a quick 15,000.00 profit off of the former owner! Understanding these people is your first line of defense against them. They know the trade-in value any RV Dealer is going to give you for it. These people know more about your RV then you do! They may have even had someone email or call you on it asking questions months ago.

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