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How Best To Market Your RV on the Internet

Before Marketing
Have all your ducks in a row... Price, Description, Photos and Marketing Budget Plan.

Internet Marketing
Advertising your RV on the internet can become very costly if you do not know what you are doing. Most times we see people place their 100,000.00 RV on a well known free classified site because they sold a table or a washer and dryer on the site within 3 days for 200.00
Understand the site, most people searching on it are people with a paycheck in their pocket burning a hole in it. They need a table, they need a washer and dryer. They can't afford a 100,000.00 RV!! So who do you get with your "Free Marketing" Scammers, Sharks an Horse Traders!
Beware of the "No Price" Classified Marketing sites. If they can't put a price for your cost they will bite you in the pocket...

Marketing Budget
Before you begin marketing your RV for sale have a budget. When you were out looking for other RVs like yours for a value you should have noticed what the classified sites charge. 29.95 for 8 weeks to 124.95 for a year, 59.95, 89.95, 124.95, 159.95 an I've seen some no name brand companies charging over 400.00+. DO YOUR HOMEWORK! You will not find a better or cheaper marketing campaign then what RVWebmasters has put together for the Private seller.

Know The Classified Sites
There are 100's of RV Classified sites on the internet today. Getting on them all can become very costly. After you place your RV for sale on a big site be ready for a dozen sharks to call you with B.S. "We market it on 20 of the top web sites" ( Go to the site an really do your homework. Click on one that shows a big RV Site you know. It directs you one of their sites with a domain close to the one they show!) Another thing you will hear "We have a buyer lined up to buy your RV just sign up with us" These are people I call SHARKS. They swim the internet looking for a meal. Putting your RV on large free classified sites is like chum to them. You think your attracting a buyer but really your providing a meal for a shark. Don't be the fish who becomes a meal for them.

Where to Market
There are some good quality RV Classified sites on the internet. Finding them all can take you hours and hours to find with Google or Bing. But then you still need to add your RV one site at a time because none of them work together... Motorhome Salesmen has teamed up with RVWebmasters who has developed "RVCDB" The Recreational Vehicle Central DataBase for Private Sellers.

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