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Use Photos To Sell Your RV on the Internet

They say a picture is worth a thousand words in your case it's deal or no deal maker. Your first photo is what will always attract a potential buyer. Make it count! We have placed over 98,000 RV ads since 1995 an it is the most important feature you can do selling your RV. People want to see it. Putting a really good first photo of the actual RV is the best way to attract them into your ad.

How Many Photos
Sellers want as many photos as they can get on their ad. BIG MISTAKE! Your objective isn't to give them everything. You give them 10 general photos. You can have 50 others in a file ready to send if they request more photos. HINT?! HINT?! HINT?! Here maybe a potential BUYER... Be very careful on using your personal E-mail address sending these photos. Many times you will get a request for more information from a General Classified site you put an ad on. This has NOTHING to do with your ad. They want your private email address. See Fraud and Scams

Photo Size
A good size photo for an ad is 600 X what your camera fits it at. 450 is usually the size. Photos should be under 200kb but we have seen them as high as 4MB when sent in an email. Most large photos like this when a person loads them will go sideways. Our trained Ad Listing personal see that all photos are accurate for size display and email.

Helpful Ideas
You may have to do this 10 times even before you get someone to come see it but then again it might also be this lead who buys it. Setup a new email account just for selling your RV. When you sell it you will not be bothered with spam, scams, or sharks in your personal email any more. We have setup 1000's of email accounts for sellers who have it redirect going to their personal email account. When they sell it we just close the email account for them.

Follow Up Photo Reasons
Remember this word "REASON" The reason they contacted you was for more photos. You send more photos with your new email account. NEVER send them through your private personal email for the "REASON" is it maybe a scammer looking to get your personal email address. You will know within a week if you use your personal private email and phone number. See Fraud and Scams

You need a "REASON" to do a follow up email the next day. Doing a follow up email is a key factor in selling your RV. Send them another email asking if they received the photos gives you another chance at making a looker an turning them into a buyer. Ask them if they had any questions on your RV for sale. Always provide them a link to "ONLY YOUR" RV for sale in your email. Have a basic email already made up that you can copy paste.
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