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How Best To Price Your RV on the Internet

What You Owe
Your first price should be more then you owe on it. Countless times I've had people who were so upside down with their loan they couldn't sell it or trade it in. They owed thousands more then it was worth. Sure they placed an Ad that was 15,000 more then value but it just sat there for sale. Trading it in is the worst thing you can TRY to do. Your Competition an RV Sales Person already put you in this upside down position with your RV why add insult to injury...

N.A.D.A. Book Value
NADA is a great way to see what the Consumer Book Valve of your RV is worth. Just click on the link an see what it shows on the first page. What do I notice? 2 books! What do you need to see? Your Competition has a different book with a much lower price! Your Competiton also has the latest version sitting on their Sales Managers desk.

Internet Market Value
Take an hour an do some homework. Search the major RV Classified sites to see if there is others like yours for sale on the internet. Look at 4 or 5 "RV Web Sites" not general classified sites. Stay focused at looking for RV like yours. What is the Price? Is it a private Seller or is it a Dealer? Is it in your area or 2,000 miles away? Know how your Competition works the pricing.

Street Market Value
If you place your RV in a busy area with a For Sale sign put the same selling price as you put on the internet. People will go home or look on their phones for one like yours. Be price honest Don't put one price here, one there, an a different one some where else.

Your Price
Always maintain your price the same where ever you have it listed. Start your pricing 3-5 thousand more at first an the reduce as time goes by. Know your bottom line an stick with it. DO NOT go any lower then what you have already set your bottom line price from the beginning. Buyers will always work you down an that's fine we all do it. Stick to your Deal - No Deal bottom line price. Walk away from a losing lower botton line offer. If they were a real buyer they will be back with a good offer.

Phone Price
Do not give any type of lower price over the phone. If they ask if it's negotiable or give you some crazy low ball price, your reply should be come look at it and is it cash? Many times people will call FISHING for information for a Horse Trader. See Scams, Sharks an Horse Traders

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